The Mainsheet Difference

Mainsheet's mission is helping small businesses survive and thrive.

We handle the bookkeeping/accounting, payroll and tax busywork so business owners can focus on their goals!  Let us help you chart a path to achieve your business and personal goals.

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A True Service ~ Not just software and an 800 number! Year round!

Mainsheet is a true service organization. We provide our clients personal, timely, and affordable service. We work with our small businesses and owners through out the year.  This way we're able to help owners stay informed, avoid surprises, and look forward rather than backward.

Professional One Stop Business Services Team

Small business bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and tax services all with one call!  Our one stop business services are delivered by our professional and dedicated staff.  This provides our business owner clients a local expert team they can count on to watch the money details.


Our team members are responsive. Business owners need an on call resource to keep their organizations focused and on track.  We pick up the phone and roll up our sleeves.  Period.

Standard Fees and Unlimited Consultation

Our business services are customized for each business and owner.  We agree on how we will help, and we tell you how much it will cost.  No surprises. No stomach dropping bills at year end.  And our services include unlimited consultation!  Got a problem - call us - no additional fees!  Got an idea - call us - no additional fees!  We love the wide open communication this fosters - and believe us - our clients do too!

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